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20 Eagles in 20 minutes

The reason I chose Aztecs was because they are one of two civilisations that can create eagle warriors and that is basically it hehe.

About this strategy...

Mainly aimed for team games. It's not very useful in duels as a flush will kill this with ease. But if you were in the pocket of a 3v3, this strategy is very ful (similar to my mass knight rush). The eagle warriors get both armor upgrades, forging and tracking, which makes them nearly invincible against arrows with 4 pierce armor.

  • Villagers 1-6) Sheep
  • Villager 7) House, and then lumber camp
  • Villagers 8-11) Wood
  • Villager 12) Sheep
  • Build House with anyone.
  • Villager 13) Lure boar
  • Once boar is dead, all shepherds move to boar, but if theres still sheep, keep 1 villager on the sheep.
  • Villager 14) Boar
  • Villager 15) Lure second boar
  • Villager 16 goes to build mill near deer.
  • Build House with anyone
  • Villager 16-18) Goes to hunt deer
  • Villager 19) Sheep or Boar
  • Villager 20) Wood
  • Build House.
  • Villager 21) Build mill near berries
  • Villager 22) Wood
  • If theres too much crowd in the town centre, use some shepherds to make some farms around the town centre.
  • Villager 23) Wood
  • Villager 24) Wood
  • Villager 25) Build mining camp near gold
  • After all sheep has been consumed, send the shepherds to gold - use 1 to make a farm.
  • Villager 26) Gold
  • Villager 27) Farm
  • Villager 28) Wood

~ Click Feudal ~

Recap on what we have so far:

* 10 lumberjacks

* 4 foragers

* 5 farmers

* 6 miners

* 3 hunters (on deer)

  • Make a barracks and a house.

~ During Feudal ~

  • As soon as you hit feudal, queue 3 villagers and use 2 lumberjacks to make an archery, and 1 to make a blacksmith.
  • Villager 29) Wood
  • Villager 30) Wood
  • Make a farm with one of the builders.

~ Click Castle ~

  • Once the deer hunters have finished, send them to mine gold.
  • Use the 2 builders to make more barracks.

Recap again:

* 6 farmers

* 2 foragers

* 12 lumberjacks

* 9 miners

* 2 builders

Research scale mail armor.

Build more houses.

~ During Castle ~

Queue as much eagle warriors as possible from each barrack. Research chain mail armor. Research forging. Once you are running low on gold and can\'t make any more eagles, research tracking. After you have your 25 upgraded eagles in 20 minutes, go kill the enemy (obviously).

After you sent them, keep making a few eagles and make villagers, research economy technologies, whatever.

By HC_Shanks__