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Scout Rush Tips

Step Three ~ Making Adjusments:

Dealing with Different Scenarios: Many people say that if someone is aggressive and makes lots of spears you are screwed, but this is not true in most cases in my opinion.

Scenario #1: If a player is smart and he sees that you have built a stable first and he decides to build 2 ranges, he will send his first 4 spears (at least) to guard his villagers. This being the case, by the time he has made those 4 spears and extra ones to send forward with his skirmishers, you can easily have produced enough skirmishers and scouts to defeat his army.

Scenario #2: Let's say he doesn't send spears to protect his villagers or he only sends 2 or 3. Using 4 scouts with proper micro you can do some serious damage to his economy, or at least harass and distract him. Meanwhile, while he has his forward army on you, you have the option of fighting his army with your vils or you can garrison and save your army until you have enough to defeat him.

Scout rush

Scenario #3: What happens if you get forward rushed? I believe the scout rush is your best choice. Many people don't realize this, but the best way to defend is to make towers of your own and wall to protect your economy. If you have to just keep relocating your villagers your econ will remain superior. Just DO NOT waste units, that is how you lose vs. a rush, keep your cool. Meanwhile, make 4-6 scouts and go hit his base. Micro them carefully and this will hurt him big time. If he sends his spears home send maybe 4-6 skirmishers forward with your scouts. It's all about harassing his economy.

Main Points:

Practice your scout micro, work on a good opening, and never panic if he comes at you aggressively. I like to go scouts first in most of my games now, but sometimes I will go with 2 ranges depending on the map and how close I am to the enemy, you must use your own good judgment. I hope this has helped some of you.

By WH_Valkyrie__ and WH_SSRider