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The Koreans

The Koreans have been included in the Conquerors, adding a new Asian civilization to the mix. They are a very powerful military civilization, but are slow at advancing through the ages. Their main strengths lie in their siege and towers. So how do they compare to the other civilizations?

Civilization Bonuses

The bonuses that the Koreans receive are as follows:

  • Villagers +2 LOS
  • Stone miners work 20% faster
  • Tower upgrades free (Bombard Tower requires Chemistry)
  • Towers range +1 in Castle Age, +1 in Imperial Age (for +2 total)
  • Mangonels and onagers have +1 range

Villager's +2 LOS

This may in fact be the Koreans' most important bonus, as it can sometimes make the difference between winning and losing. At the beginning, a Korean villager makes a great scout, with the same LOS as the Eagle Warrior and the Mongol team bonus-enhanced Scout Cavalry. Where this bonus really pays off is during Feudal Age, when the enemy in most games places Towers near the player's resource centers. The extra LOS will often allow the Korean villagers to see the Tower being placed, giving the player the opportunity to either attack the offending enemy villagers with the player's own villagers, or run the villagers to safety. Some attackers may bring archers and/or infantry to help place the tower, and again the Korean villagers will often have extra warning of the arrival of these military units - although these units aren't quite as easy to stop as tower building villagers, provided they arrive in sufficient number.

In Castle and Imperial Age, the LOS bonus still comes in handy for the same reason as in Feudal, to see the enemy arriving. However instead of Towers or Feudal Age units, the player now has to be on the look out for enemy Town Centers, Castles, and Castle/Imperial Age units.

Stone miners work 20% faster

While the Koreans can already defend better than most other civilizations with their extra LOS, this bonus allows them to defend even more easily, with their ability to gather stone fast and have the resources to build Castles and Towers sooner (except for the Franks, who receive a 25% discount on their Castles). It also helps on the offensive, for the same reason of having the resources to build Castles and Towers more quickly than other civilizations (again, except for the Franks). The bonus is also useful for building Town Centers, now that 100 stone has been added to their cost.

Tower upgrades free (Bombard Tower requires Chemistry)

The gradual upgrading of Watch Towers, as the Koreans progress through the ages isn't that important, as for the most part a tower is just a tower, and a Watch Tower usually works just as well as a Keep. Where this bonus comes in really handy is when the Korean player reaches Imperial and has researched Chemistry, as the Bombard Tower can be a terror against not only those who aren't prepared for it with Trebuchets or Bombard Cannons, but against those who just don't know that those are the only two units that can kill Bombard Towers (aside from Cannon Galleons, which only play a part in water games). Bombard Towers will eat every other unit alive with their high attack and high hit points. The only way to beat them is with the units mentioned above - the only ones that out-range the Bombard Tower.

Towers range +1 in Castle Age, +1 in Imperial Age (for +2 total)

This bonus is nice if you have heavily towered your opponent in the feudal age but it is not an important bonus. It sure can be annoying for an opponent who builds near the tower thinking it only has the range of a normal tower, or someone who finds one of these Korean towers shooting at resource collectors from a great distance. Unfortunately, this bonus does not apply to bombard towers.

Mangonel, onagers +1 range

As team bonuses go, this is a fairly good one, especially for civilizations like the Celts and the Mongols, who have a good siege line already. It's a good bonus for the Koreans too, giving their Onagers another +1 range on top of the +2 they receive with their Unique Technology. This is useful in Castle Age, since Mangonels do out-range Town Centers in the Conquerors and are becoming a popular unit to take out Town Centers. The bonus comes most in handy against scorpions, and even more so against archer civilizations, especially those Britons and their Longbowmen. No longer can they terrorize with their long range, as Korean Mangonels nearly match them in range. In the Imperial Age this bonus really shines, almost turning the Korean Siege Onager into a Heavy Catapult from the original Age of Empires. While not quite that destructive, they do an excellent job at what they do - killing buildings, archers, and other siege weapons.