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The Koreans

Unique Unit - THE WAR WAGON

The Korean Unique Unit is the War Wagon, technically classified as a Cavalry Archer, it operates more like an extremely fast and beefed up scorpion. It's created in the Castle, as are most other Unique units, and is extremely cheap for the amount of hurting it puts out. These units are simply amazing, both in Castle and Imperial Age. Not only can they out-range Town Centers, but also they slaughter most other units, mainly due to their durability (they have high hit points) and their high attack rating. They do have a lot of counter units however, so that a sufficiently prepared opponent can stop them with Camels or Pikemen in particular, but they are a big headache if allowed to reach a critical mass.

The War Wagon is affected by numerous technologies, and is upgraded like an archer at the Blacksmith, since it is technically a Cavalry Archer. The Koreans get every technology that benefits archers. Which technologies are the best to get for the War Wagon?

The most important technology to research for the War Wagon is the first two range upgrades, Fletching and Bodkin Arrow, so that they are able to out-range a Town Center in the Castle Age. Having these is essential if a player intends on doing some heavy building of, and raiding with the War Wagon.

The next thing to research is a tough call, however since the Blacksmith is busy researching the range upgrades, a good research for the War Wagon is Thumb Ring, which will help improve the big bolts that the wagon shoots out hit the target they are intended for. On the same lines as that, Ballistics would be another good technology to research.

About this time the armor technologies should be researched, which aren't high on the list because the War Wagon already comes with a high amount of piercing armor (3). If however Pikemen are being fielding by an opponent, this may come in handy against the melee damage the pikes are dishing out, even though the extra 1 or 2 defence is not that big a deal against those horse killers.

Upon reaching Imperial Age, any of the technologies left to research would be a good bet, especially Chemistry though, since that would be beneficial for more than the War Wagons, allowing as it does for the construction of Bombard Towers.

War Wagons make exceptional raiding units in the Castle Age as they are faster than Knights and do more damage. They also kill villagers more effectively than knight, as they don't have to chase them down. It gets even better when you realize that Town Centers simply don't take these behemoths out. A Korean player can force all the villagers to garrison and then simply stand out of range and blast the Town Center to smithereens. Unless your opponent has prepared with a large number of pikemen, this may be an excellent way to turn the tables on an opponent who is attacking you.

Unique Technology - SHINKICHON

The Korean Unique Technology is named Shinkichon. It gives their Mangonels and Onagers an added +2 range, on top of the team bonus that the Koreans already receive. This Unique Technology is pretty cheap for something that lets their onagers go toe to toe with British Longbowmen. It is worth it against opponents who favor siege and/or archers, and might even be used in place of upgrading mangonels if a player would rather just receive the extra range this gives, over the extra attack and hit points, which is usually enough for the units this line is used against.